Effectively dealing with the media and protecting your brand is key to transitioning smoothly through any crisis situation.

Buckner assists clients with achieving objectives through the development of a communication plan that engages key stakeholders timely, accurately and effectively.

Whether your communications needs are local, regional, national or global, Buckner possesses the knowledge and experience to help you more effectively and strategically communicate with your target audiences.

We can help your sports organization succeed by applying a professional polish on your message, story and news and making sure it reaches your key audience.

For example, our Media Communications Team helps clients with:

  • Developing a strategic or crisis communications plan
  • Coordinating media relations
  • Preparing “Frequently Asked Questions” (also known as FAQs) documents
  • Preparing persons for media interviews and press conferences
  • Setting-up media center operations
  • Assisting with media outreach
  • Developing websites to implement aspects of a strategic or crisis communication plan.