Buckner is adept at resolving issues that require in-depth investigation or fact-finding. Our Investigation Team includes attorneys who possess a range of experience and skills, including:  a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent; a former licensed private investigator; and a former USA National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) enforcement investigator. In addition, our attorneys are authors of books, articles and resources regarding investigations.

We have conducted investigations and represented clients in arbitration cases, as well as assisted clients with inquiries on a range of higher-education, sports and corporate issues, including:

  • Academic-fraud.
  • Corporate misconduct.
  • Athlete abuse by coaches.
  • Illicit sports wagering.
  • Non-compliance with government rules and regulations.
  • Non-compliance with the IOC Charter
  • Non-compliance with NOC, IF or National Federation statutes.
  • Ethical misconduct.
  • Due-diligence.
  • Background checks and skip traces.
  • Non-compliance with organizational rules and regulations.

Buckner attorneys use a comprehensive investigation plan to discover the relevant facts and, in conjunction with a detailed factual and legal analysis, to determine the full scope of the potential liability for clients. Our attorneys have extensive experience in reaching settlements and agreements with regulatory agencies’ investigative staff to reduce the scope of potential allegations. Further, should a case lead beyond an investigation, Buckner can offer attorneys with extensive trial and administrative hearing experience before federal and state courts, as well as sports leagues, federations and associations hearing committees and sports arbitration panels.