Buckner’s attorneys, investigators and professionals in the International Sports Investigations and Arbitration Team use their experience and skills to assist global sports organizations comply with the intelligence-gathering and investigative provisions of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code (the Code), as well as the fact-sharing and investigating protocols contained in the 2015 International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI). The firm’s service is ideal for National Olympic Committees (NOCs); International Sports Federations (IFs); National Sports Federations (NFs); Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs); and Major Event Organizations (MEOs) who, for procedural, resource, financial or other operational reasons, seek an objective and independent agency to ensure compliance with the Code and the ISTI.

Our International Sports Investigations and Arbitration Team consists of a retired USA Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent (with significant experience operating international drug trafficking investigations); former sports regulatory investigators and consultants (with experience investigating alleged violations of rules prohibiting performance enhancing drugs); licensed attorneys; and consultants. Further, Buckner will be able to deploy in key jurisdictions and regions throughout the world using professionals from a network of former law enforcement agents and investigators. Using comprehensive protocols specifically designed to address the Code and ISTI, Buckner’s International Sports Investigations and Arbitration Team can collect intelligence regarding: (a) possible violations of the Code or other anti-doping rules; (b) doping trends and issues; (c) individuals and organizations with possible links to illicit doping activities; and (d) any information that is relevant to the client’s detection, understanding or monitoring of possible illicit doping activities. Further, the firm can conduct investigations of alleged violations of the Code and other anti-doping regulations.