Buckner Offers New Service: Assessing Risk to Improve Student-Athlete Academic Programs

Stringent accreditation standards, recent academic integrity investigations and enhanced NCAA eligibility standards (e.g., APR) have created a need for campus administrators to re-evaluate the academic progress of students and student-athletes, as well as the institution’s academic support infrastructure. Buckner, a global-focused sports and education law firm, offers institutions an academic stress test service to address this concern.

An academic stress test service determines the ability of a college or university to maintain a certain level of academic effectiveness under unfavorable conditions. The process, which is conducted by a Buckner academic consultant for a budget-friendly flat fee, includes a review of: client-supplied documents, data, policies, procedures and protocols (with an emphasis on reporting lines and risk management); and academic support budgets and personnel assignments (with a comparative analysis to industry best-practices of student/counselor ratios). The customized final written report will include a detailed evaluation of all functions of the client’s athletic academic support/student services.

We know every campus and athletics academic professional seeks to find the best way to ensure the academic success of students and student-athletes. However, even the most committed and coordinated institutional efforts cannot avoid all issues, which often lead to NCAA rules-violations, accreditation warnings or a damaged academic reputation. Buckner is interested in providing your institution with resources to identify and proactively address the risk.

Contact Buckner higher-education consultant Brian Davis (+1-954-941-1844 ext. 12; or attorney Lori Williams (+1-954-941-1844 ext. 1; for more information on academic risk management issues.