Buckner Launches Campus and Sports Facility Security Risk Management Service

Buckner, a global-focused sports and education law firm, expands its risk management practice with a campus and sports facility security risk management service. The new service, which is a collaboration between Buckner and Security Investigations Group (SIG 9), will assist education agencies (e.g., secondary schools, colleges and universities), intercollegiate athletics departments and professional sports franchises with managing risk relating to security and enhancing emergency management plans. The security risk management service involves Buckner attorneys and SIG 9 security consultants (who are former law enforcement professionals) providing:

  • Recommendations on effective emergency management planning, which includes the integration of mandate-specific all-hazards risk assessment as the planning premise. An all-hazards risk assessment helps identify, analyze and prioritize the full range of potential threats. The process takes into account vulnerabilities associated with specific threats, identifies potential consequences should a threat be realized, and considers means to mitigate the risks.
  • Advice on developing or improving a business continuity plan, which is an outline designed to continue business if the physical or technological operations are affected by disasters (which can range from localized short-term losses to a permanent loss of multiple structures). A business continuity plan typically explains how the business would recover its operations or move operations to another location after damage by events like natural disasters, theft, terrorist event, or other criminal activity. Most historical, projected and imagined events that could negatively impact operations is included in the plan. As such, risk management is a foundation of a comprehensive business continuity plan. A business continuity plan could also address facets such as facilitating a response from a critical stress debriefing team and setting up a crisis communications hotline.
  • Assistance with creating or revising a crisis communications plan, which facilitates an organization’s internal and external communications. An emergency management plan becomes even more effective with a coordinated and comprehensive crisis communications plan. A crisis communication plan enables an organization to respond promptly, accurately and confidently during a crisis or emergency. Further, a crisis communication plan addresses logistical issues and protocols between the organization and government agencies (e.g., law enforcement, fire rescue).

Contact Buckner attorney Michael Buckner (+1-954-941-1844 ext. 1; for more information on the new campus and sports facility security risk management service.