Investigation Interview Best Practices: Introduction Statements [High-School Sports Best Practices Alert (Nov. 2013)]

Author: Michael L. Buckner, Esquire (Shareholder)

An interview conducted during an internal investigation of an alleged athletics violation or misconduct is one of the most important sources of evidence. Thus, it is crucial for the investigator to obtain all relevant information, as well as to maintain a complete record of the interview. Buckner recommends school investigators obtain the following statements on the record (either documented through an audio/digital recording, by a court reporter or via handwritten notes) at the beginning of all interviews:

• Obtain the interview subject's knowledge of the presence of a recording device (if one is used), as well as permission and consent to record the interview
• State the date, time and location of the interview
• Introduce all parties on the record
• Review the relevant portions of the school's ethical code and the applicable state interscholastic athletic association ethics and honesty principles
• Remind the interview subject and any parties present of the requirement to maintain the confidentiality of the interview
• Explain the purpose of the interview pursuant to the applicable state interscholastic athletic association enforcement, infractions or investigation rules
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