Internal Investigation Policies to Address Alleged Violations [High-School Sports Best Practices Alert (Nov. 2013)]

Author: Michael L. Buckner, Esquire (Shareholder)

School control principles (as articulated by most state interscholastic athletics associations) demand member schools possess an active internal investigation policy that is used when alleged athletics violations surface. An internal investigation policy should:

• Be in writing
• Be approved by the principal
• Identify the investigator (or describe how an investigator is selected or appointed)
• List the duties and responsibilities of pertinent school personnel during an investigation
• Require a timely review of all allegations
• Include a procedure to educate school personnel about the policy
• Address how allegations of alleged athletics violations are processed by the school
• Satisfy due and fair process requirements, state law and, if relevant, collective bargaining agreements
• State how findings are reported to the principal, state interscholastic athletics association and other agencies.

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