Five Strategic Areas for Security and Emergency Planning [Investigation and Risk Management Advisor (October 2015)]

An organizational leader should be aware of the following five strategic areas when developing or revising campus and sports facility security and emergency plans:

  1. Education and training: All members of an organization should be trained and educated on violence prevention, security, threat assessment and the emergency plan. The scope of the education and training should be tailored to fit the member’s duties and responsibility.
  2. Evaluation: An organization should conduct a regular process where its security measures are evaluated by internal and external agencies.
  3. Revision and practice: An organization should update and practice its emergency preparedness plans on a regular basis.
  4. Partnerships: Strengthening partnerships with public safety officials is a wise investment for an organization.
  5. Communication: An organization should develop enhanced crisis communications plans and social media strategies.

Source: “Best Practices for School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning, National”, School Safety and Security Services, available at:

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