New NCAA Enforcement Resource: Athletics Investigation Handbook (2015 Edition) [Higher-Ed/College Athletics Best Practices Alert (First Quarter 2015)]

Author: Michael L. Buckner, Esquire (Shareholder and President)

Buckner is pleased to announce the publication of the 2015 edition of Athletics Investigation Handbook: A Guide for Institutions and Involved Parties During the NCAA Enforcement Process. The 2015 edition provides updated information reflecting the numerous procedural and structural changes in the NCAA enforcement process. Most importantly, the book contains the following chapters to help NCAA member institutions and involved individuals conduct internal investigations, respond to NCAA allegations, and prepare for infractions hearings during the NCAA enforcement process:

  • “The NCAA and the Enforcement Process”: provides an overview of the NCAA and its members and staff as well as a summary of the NCAA enforcement process in Divisions I, II and III.
  • “Internal Investigations”: provides an explanation of internal investigation strategies and techniques for institutions and involved individuals.
  • “Best Practices, Report Formats and Citations, and Investigation Resources”: provides a list of best practices concerning internal investigations, format and citation suggestions for institutional reports, and a list of investigative books, firms, contacts, and resources.
  • “Guide to Committee on Infractions Procedural Decisions”: provides a summary of evidentiary and procedural decisions (through December 31, 2014) of the committees on infractions and infractions appeals committees.
  • The appendices feature a glossary, checklists, and a directory of investigative resources.

Buckner will issue a resource packet and announce complimentary webinars for Athletics Investigation Handbook (2015 Edition) in April 2015 via email and on the Buckner website (

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