Reasons to Conduct a Through Internal Investigation

Author: Michael L. Buckner, Esquire (Shareholder)

The purpose of an internal investigation is to collect facts so that an organization can develop an accurate and objective determination as to what occured in a particular circumstance or situation. Thus, if a person is alleged to have engaged in misconduct or violated a policy, then conducting a thorough investigation assists an organization with reaching a conclusion that is based on the most accurate and available facts. Further, the completion of an objective and comprehensive internal investigation offers several benefits to an organization:

  • Satisfies an organization’s obligation to comply with pertinent laws, codes and regulations.
  • Reduces the risk of lawsuits or a regulatory agency’s enforcement action.
  • Reduces the perception of unfair or unjust treatment if discipline, termination or other action is based on a thorough, objective internal investigation.
  • A prompt response and corrective action to an allegation provides an organization with an affirmative defense.
  • Ensures employees, students, athletes and other parties are provided appropriate due and fair process (which reduces legal liability).

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