Global Sports Legal Assistance Program [World Sports Update (Third Quarter 2014)]

Contact: Michael L. Buckner (Shareholder)

Buckner is excited to invite International Federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and National Federations (or, in the United States of America, National Governing Bodies (NGBs)) to participate in the Global Sports Legal Assistance Program, which is Buckner’s initiative that provides free legal services for organizations associated with the Olympic Movement.

Buckner has a long tradition of public service that is a core element of the firm’s values. Buckner’s pro bono program is guided by the firm’s commitment to uphold our professional obligation as lawyers, as well as the goal of increasing access to valuable legal advice to not-for-profit organizations. As a result, through November 30, 2014, Buckner will provide between three to five qualified IFs, NOCs, National Federations and NGBs with free legal services in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Drafting or reviewing contracts, agreements and other instruments
  • Performing reviews to monitor compliance with the Olympic Charter or pertinent IF, NOC, National Federation or NGB statutes, practices and activities
  • Developing policies, procedures and protocols
  • Offering consulting advice to address legal and risk management issues
  • Providing legal representation in an international arbitration proceeding (e.g., CAS)
  • Addressing other organizational legal needs in areas Buckner can offer qualified assistance.

If you believe Buckner’s Global Sports Legal Assistance Program would benefit your organization, please contact Michael L. Buckner at +1-954-941-1844 (Office) or (Email).