Internal Investigation Mistakes Prevention Checklist
  1. Implement an internal investigation policy.
  2. Recognize and process all allegations, complaints and charges.
  3. Plan the internal investigation.
  4. Conduct an immediate investigation.
  5. Conduct an objective investigation.
  6. Collect all relevant documents, electronic information and physical evidence.
  7. Prepare for all interviews.
  8. Use sound strategies and tactics during interviews.
  9. Seek expert or forensic advice when necessary.
  10. Analyze all collected evidence.
  11. Reach a sound finding based on an objective analysis of the evidence.
  12. Prepare a written report.
  13. Follow-up with the individuals involved in the investigation (e.g., accuser, target).


Sources: Michael L. Buckner, Athletics Investigation Handbook; Dori Meinert, "How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation", SHRM (December 1, 2014).