Interview Materials Checklist

The following checklist details the materials that should be brought by the investigator to the interview.

  1. Notepads and writing instruments.
  2. Recording device and extra batteries.
  3. Labels (to note the date and time of evidence produced during the interview).
  4. Copy of relevant laws, rules and policies.
  5. Interview outline.
  6. Copies of relevant documents for the interview subject and other persons sitting in on the interview.
  7. Blank copies of the interview notice/statement of confidentiality and other forms.
  8. Documentation to identify yourself to the interview subject.
  9. Any other item needed to conduct the interview.


For assistance with conducting internal investigations, contact attorneys Michael L. Buckner (; +1-954-941-1844 ext. 1) or Lori A. Williams (; +1-954-941-1844 ext. 7).