Investigation Plan Checklist

The contents of an investigation plan should include, at a minimum, the following elements:

  • Allegations, issues, topics and matters to be examined during the investigation.
  • Detailed investigative task list, including:
    • Identification of responsibilities for each investigation team member.
    • Estimate of timeline (i.e., anticipated start and completion dates) for each investigative task.
  • Plan and procedure for client-investigator communication.
  • Identification of staff, areas, offices, and departments that will be involved in the investigation.
  • Identification of additional expertise of logistical support required by the investigator.
  • Expected fees and costs.
  • Milestones and report dates.
  • Possible outcomes.


  • Review the plan periodically during the course of the inquiry.
  • Revise the plan when additional information or feedback is obtained during the investigation.


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