Checklist: Criteria to Use When Appointing/Retaining an Internal Investigator

An organization should use the following factors to decide who to appoint or retain to conduct an internal investigation:

  • Educated, trained and experienced in all areas pertinent to the investigation, including: (1) collecting and preserving evidence; (2) interviewing subjects; (3) determining credibility of interview subjects; and (4) applying the relevant legal and regulatory process and issues in the investigation.
  • The ability to objectively gather and consider relevant facts pertaining to the investigation.
  • Conflict free.
  • Able to establish trust and confidence in the integrity of the investigation process.
  • Knowledge to collect all available and relevant facts in order to develop an objective, thorough and accurate assessment of the allegation.
  • Expertise to provide recommendations to address issues discovered during investigation.
  • Knowledge of the subject matter, industry and organization-specific policies.


For assistance with conducting internal investigations, contact attorneys Michael L. Buckner (; +1-954-941-1844 ext. 1) or Lori A. Williams (; +1-954-941-1844 ext. 7).